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Jean-Christophe Haskell

Jean has been providing massage therapy to North County since 2010 and teaching yoga classes throughout local studios since 2006. He loves yoga, surfing  and spending time in nature with his family. 

His life was transformed in 2005 when he met his Mentor and friend  Dr. Thomas Parker, a Jungian Analyst and lifelong  Yogi in the tradition of Paramahansa Yogananda. This relationship inspired him to further refine his knowledge of the healing arts by pursuing  licensure as an Acupuncturist. 

Jean, graduated cum laude from Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine . He is currently furthering his education by studying  the root text of Chinese medicine, The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic (Huangdii Neijing 黃帝內經) In Fall of 2022, Jean completed the Xinglin Institute's "Neijing Nature-Based Theoretical and Clinical Foundations Level 1" including the 1st 10 day clinical retreat. Jean-Christophe is also currently in the process of becoming a certified  McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique Practitioner. 


Chinese Medical Treatments

Neijing Medicine see's the body and the environment that surrounds it as one-in-the same. The rivers that flow through the land are macrocosmic mirrors of the rivers of blood flowing through the bodily landscape. By studying the living  breathing form and Shen (Spirit) that illuminates it we asses the best way to enable an optimal expression of health and beauty.

Needle Therapy

The classical approach to needling is somewhat different from the more commonly known TCM approach to needling based on a system of Acupuncture points that treat specific conditions. While the TCM system is extremely valuable and one that I am currently applying to my treatments. I am also applying  what I am learning through my study of The Yellow Emperor's Classic (Huangdi Neijing).

In this root system of Chinese Medicine I am surveying the body and its tissues as a landscape with a story to tell. By palpating and examining this terrain I am looking for areas where there may be tissue dysfunction in the form of myofascial adhesions, scars, temperature, color, turgor and blood vessel irregularities. 

The needles enable me to irrigate blood flow and restore the naturally luminous beauty of the form. 


Moxibustion Treatment (the burning of mugwort close to the skin), in order to tonify, nourish and warm the system


Cupping  further helps to sooth the nervous system. It detoxes the body,  boosts the immune system and optimizes more efficient blood flow throughout the body.

Back Massage

Massage of the Jing Mai  (Qi and Blood Pathways of the body) with herb infused oils enables effective regulation  and nourishment of the various tissue planes of the body.

Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine

Herbs are an extremely valuable source of treatment. They help regulate imbalances between the organs while also providing a source of nourishment to the body. They can be a valuable modality in addressing acute pathogenic onset, chronic issues as well as various psychophysical challenges.

Gua Sha

Described as "instrument-assisted unidirectional press stroking  of a lubricated area of the body 's surface. This creates transitory therapeutic petechiae (red scrapes), on the skins surface, caused by the extravasation of blood.

This ancient modality treats muscle pain, limited mobility, stress, toxicity, it boosts the immune system and relieves overall tension .


An Electro stimulation machine is hooked up to the needles. This modern modality is extremely effective at increasing blood flow, muscle tone, and at treating sports injuries, joint pain, and nerve issues. 


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